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Flyff: New NPC Boss The Rangda

Flyff developers have revealed a new NPC boss, The Rangda, soon to show up in Version 12, reported by WarCry. They also have a couple of screenshots to share as well.

The details are as below:

Sunnyvale, California - September 25th, 2008 - Gala-Net Inc. will release the next chapter to Flyff Penya: Fly for Fun this October 7th in its North American market through its game portal (www.gpotato.com). In this new version, known as Version 12 (V.12), a new boss NPC called, Rangda, will be unveiled to players that have been anxiously waiting for this exciting update.

The Rangda is the soul of a cursed witch that lies deep within the forest of Darkon. There are four incarnations of the Rangda: Rangda, Horrible Rangda, Uncanny Rangda, and Dreadful Rangda, and each offer players an opportunity to obtain rare items which are extremely valuable in the world of Madrigal.

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