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Flyff build

If you want to be an AoE build do not put any dex into your build in Flyff . Dexterity is not that important when AoEing with a Knight because Knights gain the most defence and HP from Stamina points. Dexterity is also not that important with Knights because they do not have a skill like Perfect Block to increase Block rate and it is better for Knights to just get hit because they are "tanks" and their armor has the highest defence rate in the game. So do not add any Dexterity.

Pure Dexterity or Strength and Dexterity build are 1v1 builds. 1v1 builds rely on the high attack rate of the two handed sword/axe, Swordcross (basically doubles your attack, only happens ocassionally to the monster) and critical rate. It is best to be a 1v1 with the Warpon/Warspon Set (Lvl 75 set) and the Angels Big Sword. This is because the Warpon/Warspon Set adds 15% critical rate and 15% hit rate and the Angels Big Sword adds 10 Dexterity and 35% additional damage of critical hit (meaning you do more damage when you use a critical attack). Combined together you use critical attacks more often, you attack fairly quickly, do a fair amount of damage and hit a lot. 1v1 Knights are for more advanced players because you need good sets to be a good 1v1 Knight.

Since you want to be an AoE Knight there are a couple builds to choose from. They are:

XXX = Stamina
15 = Strength

120 = Stamina
XXX = Strength

XXX = Stamina
100 = Strength

60 = Stamina
XXX = Strength

The more Strength you have, the more damage you do. The more Stamina you have, the more HP and defence you have. If you add a lot of Stamina do not go farther than 120 because once you go higher the Stamina to HP/defence gets lower and your attack rate will be lacking. So it is best to have a mix of Strength and Stamina. At the moment I am using build number 4 because I do a lot of damage and with an Ringmaster I can live and AoE a fair amount of monsters. The other builds are good as well , I just suggest you do not choose full Stamina.

Thank you Shper for providing us this wonderful build , hope you like ! Have a good time in Flyff Penya world !Recommend : Flyff Penya

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