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Flyff Interview With Chris

The fantasy game Flyff has released for some months.Chris,the Producer?of Flyff,come to talk something about the game.

Simon:To start, can you introduce yourself and the faces behind the game?

Chris: First of all, a hearty hello to mmosite.com and all your loyal readers. My name is Chris, and I am the Producer on Flyff Penya. My job is to oversee and manage the entire Flyff service.

And I also double as a Game Master, when needed. Speaking of Game Masters, we currently have two, Jax (aka monster), and Janica. Together, we three are the generally considered, by the players, the faces of Gala-Net, since we are the only ones they get to interact directly with. However, there are others behind the scenes.

There¡®s Seung Hwan Yoon, our Coordinator, who, just like his title says, is in charge of coordinating the Flyff Penya service between our Korean developer, Aeonsoft, and us here at Gala-Net. He speaks both Korean and English, which helps. He¡®s also a very quiet and all around nice guy. Too bad the players don¡®t get to meet him. Also, we have Phuoc (Pronounced ¡®Fook¡®. Hold the jokes please, he¡®s heard ¡®em all). He is charge of database and website programming, as the technical brains behind our operations. Last, but not least, we just hired ourselves a new webmaster, Hoa, who will help design and maintain our websites.

Simon:It seems that you work is not easy.

Chris:Yes,operating an MMORPG is no small undertaking, but since we¡®re still relatively new, there are only a few of us working hard together in order to ensure the best game-playing experience for all of our players. Currently the team behind Flyff Penya is relatively small, however, we¡®re growing all the time!

Simon:How has Flyff Penya ¡®s success been after being on the market for several months now? How many concurrent players do you have?

Chris:Flyff Penya has been a relatively pleasant surprise for us, with numbers exceeding our original projections and expectations. We now have 320,000 registered users, with CCU approaching 6000 players and climbing daily. We plan on adding another cluster of servers soon in order to accommodate even more players in the near future.

Simon:?What are the reactions from the players?

Chris:We read our forums daily looking for player feedback in nearly every aspect of the game, and overall, it has been pretty positive. Everyone sees potential in this game, and there are many planned updates that shall be bring features, quests, and places to explore in the future. Best of all, it will still be free to play.

Simon:Like RF and ROSE, many Korean MMORPGs have gone into the North American market, what is your expectation on this market?

Chris:Our expectations are rather high, as we are taking a much different approach with our games than the ones you mentioned. Those games, still operate on a monthly subscription fee based business. We operate on a free-to-play with Cash Shop. Most gamers tend to perceive that subscription-based games are inherently higher quality, while free-to-play ones must be lower. We aim to shatter that preconceived notion by providing fun, exciting, and high-quality free-to-play games for gamers interested in all genres.

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