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FlyFF leveling guide

Welcome to our website.
This was just a basic leveling guide.I'll post some great leveling spots that have helped me tremendously from level 1-22.If you are interested in it,please read it up.Hope the article can help you. I hope you have fun leveling in FlyFF!

Class: Vagrant
At this current level you're new to the game ( like me ) :P and don't really know WTF to do at this point. I, myself was highly confused and didn't know who to talk to/what to do.

Practice on AiBatts until you reach around level 5, they're easy and they're good exp from when you're starting out. Don't go for higher levels because they will kill you instantly (take my advice, I was level 9 trying to take on a Violet Troupe Member and died with one hit). You start off with the basic Vagrant set, which is Full Cotton Set, a practice sword, 1 Biscuit, 3 Lollipops and something else but I forgot.

Captain AiBatts & Burudengs
Once you've reached level 5, work your way up to Captain AiBatts and Burudengs. Make sure you collect everything and I mean everything. At this point, you're broke so you want to collect as much as possible to sell to the NPC or to other players. Fot hotkeys open up your inventory ( I ) and drag your food in the f1, f2, and f3 slots for easy access as this will come in handy.

Demain Urchains & PukePukes
Demain Urchains are easy to take out, I think there's Demain's, Bad Demains and Giant Demain Urchains. But please don't go after the giant Demian at such a low level, you'll fail.. horribly and we don't want that to happen, now do we?

Lawoflf, Grownup Lawolf & Feferns
These were probably the hardest levels for me to get through, it's time consuming and they're so much stronger then you are as you don't hit a lot. [b]Tip:[b] In town there's a beginner guide, and he will buff you. This will be recommended and will help guide you through your grinding process.

Job Change
By now you should have already figured out what job you want in Flyff Penya .There's 4 to choose from. [b][b]Acrobat, Assist, Mage & Mercenary. I'll break these down.
[b][b] Acrobat: Uses the YoYo, and can use bow and arrows. I wouldn't recommend this class for people just starting out, as they aren't very powerful. The YoYo can knock back ememies but it's not very strong.

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