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Flyff Penya>>News2009 >> Flyff Ranger Job Change Guide
Flyff Ranger Job Change Guide

Here is a guide for Flyff Ranger job change , hope it will be useful to you !

I. The Great Driller Massacre

Once have reached the long journey to level 60, ranger life begins (unless of course, you choose the Jester path)! To kick off the quest you will need to talk to [Ranger Master]Eliff who will ask you to do the task of slaying 20 regular Drillers.

You should well know where drillers are located by now. Piece of cake eh?

Once you have completed the task of commiting Driller homicide, head back to your Ranger Master, Eliff and you will be given another set of tasks

II. Delivering The Letter

You will be asked to kill Rubo who is located in the Darkon Caves where Syliacas and Greemongs reside. Rubo is located in the southernmost area of the Syliacas, near the Grownup Syliacas. Slay him and get the letter.

Once you have finished with Rubo, Flyff Penya to Flaris and head to the Mas dungeon entrance. Kimel is located near the entrance, right beside his best buddy, Radyon. Rumor has it that they developed an attraction to each other (No, just kidding).

III. The Book Collector

After Kimel, it's time to head back to Darkon again and find [High-Dwarpet]Liekyen. He resides in the north-western exit of Darkon Town (the one that leads you to Zombigers).

Now in the next step, you will have to go and collect 8 books from Pranksters, they are located in the island north-east of Saint Morning (You should be very much aware of their location by now). This is extremely easy and shouldn't take too much of your time.

Now fly to to [Ranger Priest] Rupim. She is found at Darkon 3 near the lodelight so it will be quite a long flyffing journey to get there.

IV. Battling The Venel Guardian

Rupim tells you to kill Guardian Venel. The Giant Burcow Creature is in a small room called the 'Room of Guardian". Once you successfully kill Venel, the heart will appear in your inventory.

Its recommended to take a healer or someone who can res. Or at least mark at lodelight. Its a long way to fly back.

Now you Have the heart, you need to fly south to the altar and just go visit the Ranger Guardian. Congratulations, you are now a Ranger! Don't forget to get the drop and your penya reward!

Thank you for reading , and wish you come next time !

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