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Flyff Red Bang Quest Guide

Welcome to Our website, dear players!

This is the other part in Flyff, I believe that after you read the first part, you may want to look another part, here it goes !

3. Third Part
In this part talk to Luda again and this time get one Entanale sword. These drop from Red Bang troupe members.

This should only take a few kills.Talk to Luda again wnce you get the sword. The Entanale sword you get is actually a pretty good sword for level 30+ mercenaries.

4. Fourth Part
This time he wants you to get 7 Symbols of Red Bang Troupe and kill 1 Troupe Leader of Red Bang so you need to talk to Luda.

The leader is level 35 and can crit quite hard but has low hp so it should be easy to kill. This part should take maybe no more than 30 Red Bang Troupes to complete.

Talk to Luda to get your reward after getting 7 symbols of Red Bang in the game. You get 358k cash and at level 30 enough exp to nearly level and the Entanale sword, pretty good for 30 minutes.

Thats all the information about this topic, new information will come soon.

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